In 2020, several companies — including Nike, the New York Times, and the BBC — announced a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts. However, the numbers suggest there is still a long way to go. Phyllis Njoroge is a Product Manager at Redfin in the San Francisco Bay Area. While she isn't a diversity recruiter by trade, she recently began working with Redfin’s hiring team after asking to help with their diversity initiatives. We sat down with Phyllis to find out more about her thoughts on how companies can improve their efforts in finding and retaining diverse candidates.

What do you believe are some best practices that recruiting departments should be implementing to attract diverse candidates?


Prior to becoming a Senior Manager of Digital Product with Indivisible Project, Janiré Castillo held many non-product roles, including journalist, web developer, digital strategist & UX designer. We spoke to Janiré about why she feels her previous roles prepared her to work in product, what tools helped in her career transition, and why you should never wait for others to validate your dreams.

How did you start working in product?

I started my career in tech after working as a professional journalist, a fact every tech employer I’ve had was aware of. Because I could “talk good,” I was frequently engaged in meetings with stakeholders in order…

As anyone in product will tell you, there’s no cut-and-dry track to becoming a product manager. In some ways, this can make transitioning into product very exciting, because you can forge your own unique path! However, it can also be a bit overwhelming — if all roads lead to Rome, how do you know which road is the best one for you? Don’t stress! We spoke to product management consultant and coach Blair Presley about the interview and resume tips she gives her clients.

Here are some of the highlights from our January 2021 interview with Blair. Want to listen…

If you speak to Tara Goldman, chances are, you will immediately get the sense that she is a rockstar in everything she does. She is quick, poised, and extremely personable — all qualities that have landed her product roles with several notable companies, including College Board, WW, General Assembly, and now Electric. On top of it all, she’s a founding member of Chief, a private network focused on connecting and supporting women leaders. However, even with all her experience and seeming self-confidence, Tara will be the first person to tell you that she is no stranger to feeling insecure. …

Chances are, when you think of careers in tech, you think of hard skills like coding, data analysis, or database management. While these skills are required for some tech jobs, they may not be prerequisites for certain product roles. Job descriptions for product managers tend to vary widely from company to company, however, there are certain non-technical skills that can help you be a rockstar product manager, no matter where you work. We spoke with seasoned product professionals from the Her Product Lab community who shared the soft skills they have found most helpful in their careers.

Being able to lead with influence

“I think a…

If you look at Jackie DeJesse’s CV, you’ll see someone at the top of her game. She’s held product roles at several successful tech companies and is currently serving as a product manager for Google. On top of that, she recently started a side venture, Quorum (more on that later!).

Below, we explain how Jackie fell into product management and break down her thoughts on empathy, female role models, and the power of shared experiences.

On discovering product management

Jackie left college like many of us did, “I graduated without really knowing what I was going to do.” Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and…

By Carlee Murray

HPL Content Manager

So, you’ve broken through the product ideation phase, outlined your roadmap, and are ready to go to market. Now what? Before you launch, it’s vital to develop a strategy to ensure your product stands out from the competition.

Simply put, it’s branding time! We spoke to Emily Nhaissi, Her Product Lab Coach and cofounder of award-winning global branding and digital agency Craft & Root, to find out what questions we should be asking ourselves when designing our brand’s identity.

What motivated you to start your own company? How did you come up with the name?

EN: My partner and I started this company because we were both feeling unfulfilled with…

By Robyn Smith & Carlee Murray

HPL Content Managers

We know, we know, everyone has a blog. But we’re in product, and content is a hot commodity, so here we are. Also, we have so many exciting stories in store for you. We figured our first should be about us — over the next few months, we’ll be inspirational, yes, but also vulnerable and personal with our sources and with ourselves. We figured we should start off that way. First, we have Lina Bedi, who previously helped fortune 100 companies with their strategy and business development. After helping her company…

Carlee Murray

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